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Teams of two battle it out for your votes in an extreme improv tournament Oct 1-29, 2014

Each match will have 4 duos peforming. There are 3 rounds per match. Each round is scored by the audience and/or judge on a scale from 1 - 5 except for the last, 1-10. 1st place team will advance to the championships on Wed Oct 29.

THE ROUNDS: The show opens with a toss-up to determine order. There are 3 rounds per match. Up to 6 min per round Anything goes as long as it's comedy based and there are 2 performers. Players must be signed up in advance. Same player may NOT be on multiple teams.

Oct 1 - Wed 8:30pm - Market Theater
Match 1
Eric Kostenbauder & Dave Johnson
Michi Broman & Derek Kavan
Denny Atkin & Cory Guebels
Neil Kaiser & Matt Eaton

Matt and NeilWeek 1 winner
Matt Eaton & Neil Kaiser
New to the improv scene, these guys are full of energy and lots of fun!
Oct 9 - Thur 8:30pm - Market Theater
Match 2
Dan Anafi & Kara Pomeroy
Chad Obara & Bryan Wells
Josh Chambers & Tim Mattonen
Ian Scheulke & Jordan Johnson

Chad and BryanWeek 2 winner
Chad Obara & Bryan Wells
Intense, dramatic and super funny, these boys are an improv force!

Oct 15 - Thur 8:30pm - Market Theater
Match 3
Jaclyn Schuenzel & Marc Guy
Tom Roe & Kelsey Todd
Tiffany Swanson and Laurel Ryan
Jill Purcell & Elizabeth Westermann

Marc and JaclynWeek 3 winner
Marc Guy & Jaclyn Schuenzel
Power house team from the east side, They will blow your mind with awesome skill!

Oct 22 - Thur 8:30pm - Market Theater
Match 4
Oct 22
John Stevens & Justin Lund
Kathleen Jenkins & Audra Goffeny
Hisam & Goueli
John Araya & Parker Thompson

Justin and JohnWeek 4 winner
John Stevens & Justin Lund
Charasmatic and hilarious, these guys will make you stand up and cheer!

SAT, NOV 8, 8pm
Las Vegas Performance Art Center


1401 E Flamingo Rd
(in the Clark County Library)
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Oct 29 - Wed 8:30
Chad and BryanCHAMPIONS! 2014
Chad Obara & Bryan Wells
Intense, dramatic and super funny, these boys are an improv force!

Chad & Bryan were flown to Las Vegas to perform in the Duo Allstar Showcase at the Las Vegas Performing Arts Center and Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood on NOV 8 & 9, 2014!
Duo All Stars Las Vegas
Nov 8, 9 - Duo Improv All-Stars
Las Vegas, NV

NOV 8, 9, 10 2014

NOV 8 - Las Vegas Performing Arts Center - CC Library

NOV 9 - Sin City Theatre - Planet Hollywood

NOV 10 - Baobab Stage - Improv Kingdom

This spectacular improv comedy show highlights some of the top comedy duos in the USA! Pairs of improv comedians take the stage to perform feats using nothing but spontaneous wit and death defying acts of improvised hilarity. You'll find all styles of comedy in this improv variety show!


SUN, Nov 9, 3pm
Sin City Theatre
Sin City logo
at Planet Hollywood
3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

MON NOV 10 - 8pm
Baobab Stage
in Town Square

Baobab Stage Theatre

6587 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas Nevada 89119

Xtreme Duo Tournament 2012

Tiffany Swanson & Laurel Ryan
Sept 5 - Wed 8:30pm
Match 1
Double G
Tim Greiger & Audra Goffeny

Block Buster
Luke Chmura & Elicia Wickstead

Jordan Naftalin & Christina Filios

Tony and Kathleen
Tony Beeman & Kathleen Jenkins
Sept 12 - Wed 8:30pm
Match 2
Team e
Elijah Harrison & Dara Lillis

Stack of Bils
Greg Stackhouse & Michael Bils

That's Haute
Laurel Ryan & Tiffany Swanson

Team h
Mario Gomez & Stephani Thompson
Sept 19 - Wed 8:30pm
Match 3
Eric Kostenbauder & Dave Johnson

Team j
 Ahsan Butt & Nick Schell

Team k
Holly Lendoski & Sarah Scheller

Team L
Ross Asdourian & Brandon Felker
Sept 22 SAT 7pm
Wild Card Match

2nd place from each round
1 - Tony & Kathleen
2 - Stack of Bils
3 - Holly & Sara

Sept 26 - Wed 8:30
Jordan Naftolin & Christina Filios

That's Haute
Laurel Ryan & Tiffany Swanson

Eric Kostenbauder & Dave Johnson

Stack of Bils
Greg Stackhouse & Michael Bils
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:
4th place:

Jordan Naftolin & Christina Filios
These two are a force! combining sharp wit and knowledge of literature, this duo has the ability to make you laugh and teach you a little along the way! With their skill and talent along with an army of supporters, they will be a tough opponent!

*The pic is of Mike Nichols and Elaine May, another highly intelligent Duo.
That's Haute
Laurel Ryan & Tiffany Swanson
Fast, funny and adorably raucious! These two were an audience favorite narrowly edging out Stack of Bils with their consistently crazy characters of "Focus" and "Standard!" Will they have what it takes to beat them again? We'll find out as Wild Card winners SoB will be back for the rematch of the century! Focus and Standard may become household names after this one!

*the pic is from Thelma & Louis. If it's ever remade, Focus & Standard should be the stars!  
Eric Kostenbauder & Dave Johnson
This dark horse duo should not be underestimated! Eric Kostenbauder's team won the championships last year! Now, with the smart and funny Dave-America's-Got-Talent-Johnson, they have the ability of walking away with it this year too! You'll love these guys!

*Beavis & Butthead, pictured to the right, actually look like Mantastic!
Stack of Bils
Greg Stackhouse & Michael Bils
This powerhouse duo has been astounding and amazing audiences for over 15 years! Wit, charm, charisma, and pure talent as well as undeniable chemistry make these veteran pros hard to beat! They were taken down by "That's Haute" in Match 2 but came back in the WIld Card with a perfect score! This will be an amazing rematch!

*Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, pictured left, are twice as old as Michael and Greg.

Xtreme Duo Tournament 2011

The Tournament begins!

Maelstrom Redux
- 22
Emily Elisei, Mario Gomez

Return of the Koalas - 17
Brian Garbe, Ashley Almon

Friends With Health Benefits - 25
Elin Guttormsen, Eric Kostenbauder

The Pepkas - 24
John & Sara Mountjoy-Pepka
Speak and Spell - 23
Audra Goffeney, Lindsay Grimm

Border Patrol - 22
Greg Stackhouse, Laila Valencia

The LaBahns - 24
Joel LaBahn, Rachel Krampfner

Paper Control - 20
Marc Carvajal, Luke Chmura
T & T - 22
Tony Beeman & Tiffany Swanson

America Wow! - 20
Zak Nelson, Ahsan Butt

Safety Dance - 17
Melissa Topscher and Tony Leahy

Kagsky - 21
Holly Lendosky, Lisa Kagan
The Pepkas - 22
Speak and Spell - 23
Kagsky - 21
Friends With Health Benefits
The LaBahns
T & T
Speak and Spell
1st Place - Friends with Health Benefits - 20
2nd Place - T & T - 19
3rd Place - The LaBahns - 18
3rd place - Speak & Spell - 18
Eric Kostenbauder & Elin Guttormnsen FRIENDS WITH HEALTH BENEFITS - ROUND 1 WINNER - 20 - Champions
With friendly chemistry and an uncanny sense of knowing what the other is thinking Elin Guttormsen and Eric Kostenbauder are formidable opponents! 

Elin Guttormsen began her improv carreer at age 16 when she was on a Hogan Cup team with Holy Names high school. Extremely smart, Elin has a keen sense of narrative, instinctually knowing which direction to take the story of a scene. She's very funny too!

Eric Kostenbauder is able to pick up on anything you throw at him. He's smart and charming with an endearing Woody Allen-like quality!
Joel LaBahn & Rachel Krampfner THE LABAHNS - ROUND 2 WINNER - 18 - 3rd Place
This team was truly improvised! Joel LaBahn lost his original partner, Dan Zertuche, at the last minute. To avoid disqualification, he asked his wife Whitney to step in. She reluctantly said yes in hopes he'd find someone else. He ended up grabbing Rachel Krampfner, who was working the box office! They won!

Joel LaBahn is an ensemble member of Unexpected Productions. He also works with the improv group Human Prop. Joel has the right energy and charisma when it comes to working with the audience.

Rachel Krampfner is a hilarious, sharp witted, no nonsense, performer who is extremely fun to watch! You can also hear Rachel weekday mornings on KIRO Radio!
Tony Beeman & Tiffany Swanson  T & T - ROUND 3 WINNER - 19 - 2nd Place 
A true powerhouse of fun! Tony Beeman and Tiffany Swanson pack the stage with explosive talent!

Tony Beeman is a veteran improviser who currently works with Unexpected Productions. He's a regular on the Seattle Theatersports stage. He's also a pro when it comes to long-form improv! He wrote & directed the hit play "Scarecrow for Hire" and has developed his own UP improv group "Fat Kid Magic." With this pro in the show, you're guaranteed a high quality performance!

Tiffany Swanson has amazed audiences with performances ranging from hilarious to gutsy! She is a joy to perform with to both veterans and rookies of improvisation!
Audra Goffeney & Lindsay Grimm Speak and Spell - WILD CARD PLAYOFF WINNER - 18 - 3rd Place
This duo narrowly lost to The LaBahns in round 2 by 1 point. They advanced to the wild card match where they edged out the Pepkas by 1 point! Could these girls be part of the greatest Cinderella story in improv history?? No matter what happens in the championships, you are going to love to watch the wit, charm, and craziness of this fantastic twosome!

Audra Goffeney has been improvising for over 3 years and has a unique style that fascinates the crowd! She's smart, quick, and knows how to immerse herself in a character!

Lindsay Grimm, another with a style all her own, is currently part of the improv group "Quiet Monkey Fight." She is extremely funny and has a wonderful talent for slap-stick comedy! 



The 1st Duo Improv Tournament was a success! 4 distinct fantastic teams went head to head in the championship round March 31, 2010!

THE BARBARIANS - ROUND 1 RUNNER-UP - Tied for 3rd in the Championships (19 out of 20 points)
Derek Kavan and Ahsan
Butt know how to destroy an audience with laughter!

Their narrative story telling ability and character variety make them formidable contenders in this 4 way improv match. They originally lost to Plush Squad by 1 point in round one. One member of Plush Squad was unable to make the championships giving The Barbarians a 2nd chance to slaughter the competition!

Derek Kavan is the current education director of Unexpected Productions.  He's been an improviser for about 6 years and has played a variety of characters including Dirty Harry in the improv show Magnum Farce. His kill shot is the realism and attitude he puts behind his characters.

Ahsan Butt is new to the improv scene but has been a consistent performer in the Duo showcases. His sense of comedic timing and ability to provide strong plot lines in an improvised story is his powerful weapon.

FEATHERS AND FELT - ROUND 2 RUNNER-UP - CHAMPIONS! won in sudden death overtime against Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash!
Elizabeth Westermann and Colin Smith - the masters of Puppetry!

This team uses the mastery of puppets combined with very funny improvisational skills!  They tied in round 2 with Stack of Bils and lost in the final moments of a tie breaker. Stack of Bils were unable to make it so now Feathers and Felt are a in it to win it!

Colin Smith has been in a variety of improv shows and is a current member of Unexpected Productions. He is a very funny guy with a likeable charm and funny physicality. You'll fall in love with Colin every time he takes the stage!

Elizabeth Westermann is a highly skilled puppeteer, who has been strongly influenced by Jim Henson and company. Her quick wit and puppet handling is unmatched in Seattle! She has been an improviser with Unexpected Productions for over 9 years.

RUM, SODOMY, AND THE LASH - ROUND 3 WINNERS - 2nd place in Championships - lost to Feathers and Felt in Sudden Death
Elicia Wickstead and Tim Tracey are the Irish powerhouse!

This "Irish couple" is full of spit and vinegar! This quick-witted, highly experienced team is a force to be reckoned with! The verbal tornado of ad-libbed sucker punches to the laughy-bone will leave you in stitches! They scored a perfect 20 (the max) in round 3.

Elicia Wickstead has been an improv comedienne for over 15 years! With hundreds of shows  under her belt, and her lightning quick wit, she is sure to keep you rolling in the isles!

Tim Tracey is one of the funniest men ever to set foot on the Market Theater stage! One can never predict what will come out of Tim's mouth. The only certainty is there will be laughter to follow!

POOR PIGS AND LIPSTICK - WILD CARD - Tied for 3rd in the Championships (19 out of 20 points)
Stephani Thompson and Laurel Ryan - the performance art comedy queens!

These physically hilarious performance art princesses surprised everyone with the pummeling defeat of Down Syndrome - Trapped in a Cabin  to earn them 2nd place in round 3 and the wild card spot! They lost to Rum, Sodomy, and Lash by only 1 point! Their chemistry on and off the stage is compelling and beautiful!

Stephani Thompson is a veteran of improvisation and has performed with Jet City Improv for over 4 years. She is a master when it comes to physical performance and has a special charisma that's addictive and alluring!

Laurel Ryan has been working with Unexpected Productions for about 3 years. Her fabulously funny characters and sense for the hilariously bizarre gives this team the special additive that makes it uniquely amazine!

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